About us

A startup with big goals.

We want to change the traditional way of working

Worksible was founded in 2019 by Sergio Conejo, after starting with a first version, Worksible was selected to participate in a Google for Startups program and later to participate in Lanzadera.

Worksible's mission is to transform the traditional way of working through innovation. At Worksible you can find all the necessary tools to grow professionally.

At Worksible we believe that there are no limits and as a startup we will not put any when it comes to growing both professionally and personally. Illusion and motivation are the two key elements when working at Worksible.

We trust ourselves and want to mark a before and after in the history of work.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Sergio Rabbit
Chief Marketing Officer
Reinaldo Paván
Public Relations Manager
Yerai Garcia
Chief Costumer Officer
Carlos Aller
Marketing Assistant
Lucia Bleda
UX Designer
tower paul