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Maria B.

Bilingual Virtual Assistant

Disponible Ecuador
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Bilingual Spanish-English

Senior omichannel costumer care

Administrative work

Customer's inquires

Información sobre Maria B.
I'm an experienced sales administrator that can help your company with all tasks related to customer inquires, lead generation, social media and email follow-up. You can count on me to schedule meetings and organize trips when necessary.

I speak English and Spanish, so if you are having trouble reaching Latin American customers, please reach out so I can support you. Your company's success is mine! :)

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I'm ready to start working as your Bilingual Virtual Assistant.

  1. I'll help you with all the administritive tasks regarding customer's inquires. Also I'll collect information and leads from social media.
  2. I'll be scheduling meetings or even making travel arragments if needed.

I can speak English and Spanish so I'll help you get in touch with those customers who don't speak the same language you do.

I'm inmediatly available, Hope you hear from you soon! :)