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31 de julio de 2022

Website redesign with Shopify


Hello, we are looking for a freelancer to help us with the redesign of the website and its support.

We would like to be able to carry out a study of the user experience and be able to adapt the web interface to meet the expectations of the brand. We are currently working with a Shopify template and several plug-ins, but that limits our operations a lot. We would like to have someone who, as support, is attentive and capable of adapting to the web the iteration needs that arise in these first months of development.

We currently have the following tasks in mind:

  • Adapt Customer Journey - Carry out a study of the user's UX and optimize the purchase flow of the website.
  • Adapt subscription management - We need to have certain limitations on the subject of cancellations depending on the products, or if it is a specific subscription that has a different management from the rest.
  • Limit discounts - We must limit discounts with different rules to ask for a minimum order, a minimum subscription time and other settings.

The idea is to keep the current web page and make changes to it, but if the freelancer has a better alternative or believes that it can be done in another way, we are open to changes.

June 11th, 2022