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May 01th 2022

Writer of questions for the Justice opposition test platform (LAWYER)

    From TuPlaza, an online academy of Justice oppositions with more than ten years of experience, we are looking for several profiles of question writers for a new test platform in which we are working for the Judicial Assistance and Procedural Procedure oppositions. From TuPlaza we will demand a TEST of 3-5 questions about some articles that we will indicate to the candidate previously. It will be required that they be original and own questions, without any type of link to another academy. Each of the candidates must ask a total of 1.500 questions (as soon as possible) of the articles set by the academy itself. The price for this work will vary between €500-600, depending on the level of the questions. Any questions can be consulted at the following email address:

March 23th 2022