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Maria @Mariadelmargr
13/05/2022 - 15:07

Hello, good, I would be interested in commissioning you to do a job for me. It is based on extracting information from various websites. Contact me privately if you are interested

Maria @camigomez
13/05/2022 - 12:00

I am a professional in Costume Design with knowledge in graphic design and conceptualization for the creation of new projects and/or products. I have 12 years of experience working in companies and fashion brands in design departments, leading teams, developing products from scratch, going through conceptualization, development of samples, graphic pieces, until reaching the final product. Currently I work with enterprises, my personal project and that of several people, there I develop products, different graphic pieces, strategies and management of social networks.

During my working life I have worked and been part of the creation of new products for different brands, working with different design teams, garment design, prints, packaging design, design of POP material for points of sale, participation in the design of pieces advertising, marketing strategies, product display strategies at points of sale, stand design for national and international fairs, design and assembly of sets for photography, conceptualization and development of product photographs for web and advertising, design and development of material brand merchandising, conceptualization, design and development of brand events.


All this has given me professionally, expanding the spectrum of application for my knowledge, I can apply it perfectly for any type of idea and/or business.


Working in fashion companies, I was in charge of the last link in the chain, display at points of sale, so being part of the entire product development process with that final vision of display and sale is super enriching for projects because all the topics work as a whole for a purpose. Offer the customer what he really needs in the right way.


When I graduated as a Costume Designer and started to practice in a small brand in my city, I discovered that in reality I was not as passionate about garment design as I thought, the world of fashion was, but design as such was not so much, so So I decided to explore other wings of my career. Along this path, I worked in a store with an international brand which introduced me to another part of myself that I was very good at, customer service, everything behind displaying a product well for its sale, so I kept exploring until I got the opportunity to work in Visual Mechandising and Commercial Spaces, I totally clicked on the subject, reading the consumer, their way of buying, their way of communicating with them, their identification with brands, all of that I contribute to transmit it to the teams in charge of developing the products to the point of becoming a very important piece for success in sales, thus learning from many enriching topics for my profile, concept ualization, product design, production, graphic design, advertising, furniture design, exhibition strategies, budget management, and everything else that I already mentioned before. Now that I work with startups, I have a global vision of each project, thus creating a universe around an idea.

Gabriela @gsobrado
11/05/2022 - 13:12

Did you know that you can have income up to €2.000 and not be self-employed?

Gabriela @gsobrado
11/05/2022 - 13:12

Did you know that a company must retain you IPRF when you make an invoice being self-employed?

Noelia @noe
10/05/2022 - 18:00

Hi, I'm a Virtual Assistant, with experience in Customer Service in addition to acquiring a great skill in systematizing processes in sales and loyalty and communication with 8 years of experience. She is currently studying marketing and digital journalism.

Some areas that I will support you are:

Writing and proofreading texts.

Strong customer orientation: mail, live chat, phone.

Community manager (RRSS administration).

Carry agendas, send emails, among others.

Effective and assertive communication.

Organization of events, meetings and trips.

My added value As an image consultant and shopper:

Advice on daily, business and special event looks based on your colorimetry, face and body type.

I organize your purchases and select the best options optimizing your investment in clothing and accessories in stores around the world.

Smart purchases for your daily work closet and or special events

Why should you hire me?

Quality work

Time management

very self taught


100% accuracy

Unlimited revisions

Fast answer


Reasonable price

Delivery time

Ease of learning to use new tools

Immediate Availability

Willing to do new tasks if necessary