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Commercial Agent (Saas CFD Simulation Platform)


Hello! :) If you are interested in being part of the world of startups and, in addition, you are a person with ambition, proactive and with commercial skills... we are looking for you!

We are Symula, a cloud simulation platform that enables designers and engineers to optimize their products using CFD simulation and the benefits of digital validation.

In our simulation platform, the user pays for each simulation that he launches to calculate. We have 3 levels of precision with different prices. The idea is that for each simulation that a user pays on the platform, you would be receiving a percentage of the cost of the chosen calculation precision. 


What are we looking for?

We are a startup in the initial phases of product validation and we are looking for a commercial profile to help us capture, manage and qualify leads independently. The main objective is to get users for our platform and sales that allow us to validate the business model and scale as a company.

Our first product to market is a virtual wind tunnel. This application is used to calculate aerodynamic forces and the target sectors we are targeting are:

- Transport (mainly automotive)

- Aerospace (mainly drones and UAVs)

- Competition (any competitive field in which aerodynamic efficiency and speed are relevant)


What would your functions be?

- Engage in conversations with potential users

- Capture and management of leads

- Qualification of leads to schedule sales meetings

- Get users for our simulation software

- Close sales and increase turnover 


And what is it that we ask?

- We are looking for a person with initiative, proactive and with commercial skills capable of transferring our value proposition with passion

- Empathy, it is about connecting and empathizing with the problems of our potential clients.

- Ability to learn basic concepts related to CFD simulation. The product to be marketed is a Saas to carry out this type of simulations.

- Knowledge and skills in negotiation & sales     

- Communication skills

- Experience in sectors such as: engineering, technology, IT, software development or Saas


Objectives to be achieved

- Validate the Target Market and the Buyer Persona

- Increase the user base for our simulation platform

- Validate the business model and increase turnover


Labor conditions

We are looking for a profile as a commercial agent. That is to say, what we offer is a commercial contract, in which the interested person would work 100% to success on the sale.

Regarding the commission on the sale, since we do not offer a base salary, we are open to negotiation and offer higher commissions than normal.

Depending on the experience and value of the commercial profile, the percentage range to be paid for each sale could be between 25% and 45% of the cost of each simulation.


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Symula as a company would be in charge of providing all the necessary material for the correct promotion of the software: technical characteristics, commercial presentations, product demo, etc... 

The necessary training will also be given so that the commercial profile becomes familiar with the somewhat more technical aspects of the simulation and the characteristics of our platform. An onboarding process will be carried out to become familiar with the use of the software.

Note that this is a first basic product (MVP), therefore no technical skills are required to know how to use or explain the product. In fact, the potential users of the platform do not have technical knowledge and all the development has been carried out under that premise.


In short, Symula will be present at all times and will provide the necessary support for the commercial profile to be able to achieve sales success.