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Among 2 and 5 years

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Valencia, Spain

Lead Talent Manager


We are looking for a profile in charge of talent acquisition and management within Worksible, to join our team, whose mission is to revolutionize the traditional way of working through innovation.

We are a startup in full growth, without limits and with the desire to take on the world. We seek to bring together a team of young talents with a great capacity to grow, both personally and professionally.

We need a person with skills in human resource management and talent acquisition. Both for the management of freelancers at Worksible and for the Worksible team itself.



· Capture and recruitment of new profiles for the team.

· Coordination with companies for the hiring of freelancers for their projects.

· Receive reports from key accounts and advise them thanks to their experience in freelance work and their business acumen.

· Manage the search for profiles on the platform for companies that need it.

· Present to the client a pre-selection of the best profiles.

· Advise and support the self-employed and the client in the contracting phase.

· Monitoring the development and performance of the team based on the objectives set.

· Organization of monthly meetings, team sessions and trainings.

· Support to Operations in assigning people to projects.

· Coordination with the agency and administration for the preparation of contracts.

· Accompanying the team in times of constant change.

· Management and monitoring of business projects.

· Communication with companies and freelancers, follow-up and creation of improvement content.




· Demonstrable experience in some area of ​​human resource management.

· Knowledge of entrepreneurship, innovation and consultancy methodologies and experience in the sector.

· Analytical capacity and response capacity.

Empathy and good interpersonal communication skills.

· You feel comfortable in changing environments and working under pressure.

· Capacity for autonomous work, decision making and excellent planning.


The work can be carried out remotely, but we prefer candidates in Valencia, we have offices in Madrid and Valencia, in Valencia we meet at Lanzadera, the startup accelerator of Juan Roig, president of Mercadona, where we were chosen from more than 1000 companies. Currently in Lanzadera there are more than 350 startups and 1600 people, so this makes it a great opportunity to network and learn from very talented people. We do not have fixed schedules, we work by objectives, so we need committed people.

We are looking for experienced candidates, with the desire to continue growing and take on the world. We are looking for a committed person, without fear of failing and ambitious, because if something defines us at Worksible, it is that we do not set limits.