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Valencia, Spain

Sales Manager | sales manager | SDR


We are looking for a profile in charge of business development and sales within Worksible, to join our team, whose mission is to revolutionize the traditional way of working through innovation.

We are a startup in full growth, without limits and with the desire to take on the world. We seek to bring together a team of young talents with a great capacity to grow, both personally and professionally.

We need someone with experience in sales and account management. This person will be responsible for closing sales, keeping track of accounts, and managing large accounts.

Our ideal candidate will be responsible for leading an effective account management and sales strategy to drive Worksible's growth. You will work across the board to understand customer needs, act as a brand ambassador for the company to external sources, and drive revenue growth through successful sales campaigns.



  • Your primary responsibility will be to plan, implement, manage, and execute all of the company's customer success activities.
  • You will lead the Strategic Management of Accounts and Client Operations.
  • You will define a plan to expand the billing of freelancers, identifying up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and promoting the growth of the use of our platform.
  • You will define the strategy to look for new opportunities to grow our income from current clients and define a plan for expansion, renewals, retention and up-sales.
  • You will develop long-term strategic relationships focused on achieving greater customer engagement.
  • You will create a knowledge strategy to communicate this to customers to ensure they get the most out of our platform.
  • You will work on the conversion and follow-up of leads from marketing campaigns.
  • Development of commercial strategies and monitoring of projects between freelancers and companies.
  • Monitoring of projects and services created by both companies and freelancers.
  • Management of sales teams.




  • More than 3 years working in sales profiles and customer success.
  • Demonstrated experience in account management, business development and sales.
  • You have a passion for providing customer satisfaction.
  • Proven ability to make business decisions, including a track record of identifying business gaps or needs and developing high-impact solutions.
  • Good skills converting leads and negotiating.
  • Empathy and good interpersonal communication skills.
  • You feel comfortable in changing environments and working under pressure.
  • Capacity for autonomous work, decision making and excellent planning.


  • Competitive fixed salary in startup with great growth.
  • Competitive variable salary based on achievable goals.
  • Fully flexible hours.
  • Work for objectives.
  • Power to develop and implement new ideas.
  • Training in one of the best ecosystems of entrepreneurs in Spain.


The work can be carried out remotely, but we prefer candidates in Valencia, we have offices in Madrid and Valencia, in Valencia we meet at Lanzadera, the startup accelerator of Juan Roig, president of Mercadona, where we were chosen from more than 1000 companies. Currently in Lanzadera there are more than 350 startups and 1600 people, so this makes it a great opportunity to network and learn from very talented people. We do not have fixed schedules, we work by objectives, so we need committed people.

We are looking for experienced candidates, with the desire to continue growing and take on the world. We are looking for a committed person, without fear of failing and ambitious, because if something defines us at Worksible, it is that we do not set limits.