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Initiatives and new markets sl
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The company is initiatives and new markets sl, and commercially speaking it is RIGSMINERIA, or on instagram @rigs.mineria

We have offices and a "showroom" as well as an assembly center in Terrasa, where there are installers for equipment

The idea is to incorporate a person of approximately 25 years of age with "appearance"

adult (boy or girl), senior character, since they will be in contact with companies through Linkedin and private clients through Instagram

Right now RIGSMINERIA's instagram is @rigsmineria and linkedin is a blank page

The main tasks of this person would be MKT (60%) + SALES



-Manage the Linkedin profile to professionalize the company RIGSMINERIA through this channel, which is aimed at companies only -Repost the articles of the Blog that have to do with companies -Select groups / circles of companies that are on Linkedin from target sectors, get added to those Linkedin company groups, chime in with comments from time to time to build authority/impressions


-First contact via Linkedin, contact companies from the previous groups/circles, and others through organic searches, which are targets and could be potential clients -Second contact in the office or assembly center with the client, if he/she wants, he/she can come candidate, no problem


-Create Ads on Instagram and manage promotions, as well as how to draw the relevant conclusions from each Ad

-Once a month go to the assembly center / office to get content for instagram (for example a photo/video session with a photographer and lead the session) -Search for candidates for nano/micro influencers aged 1/25 who want to make collabs to promote the teams in their stories


-First contact and management of interested potential clients



-If the candidate has notions, they could manage the MKT articles that are written through the Crypto Blog channel



-If the candidate has notions, they could carry out link building management by contacting companies and blogs in the sector to help collaborate with mutual Posts, and other actions


-If the candidate has notions, they could carry out a test campaign and draw conclusions to understand if SEM is really a good channel to get clients or not


-If the candidate has notions, they could set up an affiliation MKT strategy and carry it out to promote other agents to sell our equipment through an intermediation commission


A fixed monthly amount that we agree on for hours worked based on the tasks you want to take on, we leave it open so you have total flexibility to take on the number of tasks that person wants + € for each piece of equipment sold through your contact / redirection or in any way provided that it was that candidate who carried out the MKT or SALES action



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