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Beatriz Gonzalez Moreno
Passionate about digital marketing. The world needs people who love what they do.


First Name Beatriz Gonzalez Moreno
Country Spain

Statistics Monday 📊
The behavior in the sales environment will no longer be the same after the pandemic, but how will it change? 🛒🔄
➡️ It is estimated that, worldwide, sales of high-end products will plummet from 25 to 30 percent in this 2020.
➡️ E-commerce experienced a 14% growth in traffic from March.
➡️ At the same time, the traffic of the web pages, shot up 13% as a result of the health crisis.

💡The digitization of points of sale is one of the clearest consequences of this crisis.

I am here to help digitize your business

Specialized in digital marketing and social media. I make your business grow on the internet
I work to achieve visible results, without tricks.
Experience as a community manager, copywriter, advertising strategies, web analytics, SEO, Google and Facebook ADS
Management of design and video tools.