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How to make a professional logo design

El logo design It may seem like a quick and easy task to carry out, but in reality it is a more complicated process that requires a prior study of the brand, the values ​​that are to be transmitted and what objectives are to be achieved. 

A logo is the visual image of a brand, so through it you must make customers feel identified and reflect the corporate identity of the brand, thus differentiating itself from other competitors. The logo creation It is a job that requires certain graphic knowledge for a quality result. 

In this post, we will talk about the logo world: what is a logo, the types of logos, characteristics of a good logo, how to make a professional logo, why it is important to have one and where you can find your logo designer. 

What is a logo?

It is very common to use the word logo to define any type of graphic representation of a brand, be it a symbol, a letter or a combination of both. However, in logo design, logos are grouped into four different classes. 

Types of logos 

El logo design It will vary a lot depending on the type of business, the message you want to convey, the target you are targeting, the values ​​and mission of the company, among others. Although it is true that for create a logo from scratch A series of guidelines must be taken into account, such as visual balance, the psychology of color and typography, simplicity or that it be responsive and scalable. Next, we will talk about the types of logos that exist and their characteristics: 


A logo is a mere graphic representation of the brand name. Therefore, the logo design will be made up of only letters or some tangible element. In this type of logo design, it is important to project the corporate colors of the company well in order to position it in the mind of the consumer. 


El isotype, however, is the visual representation of the brand from a drawing without any type of text. The isotype design requires a prior study of the competition in order to stand out and differentiate itself from the rest of the competitors.


The combination of the logo and the isotype gives rise to the imagotype. It is the union that forms the symbol of the brand and its name in text. Both parts can be seen both together and separately, although the most common will be to see them together.  


This type of logo is very similar to the imagotype, since it is made up of a symbol and also text, but in this case they cannot be divided. It is not the most common type of logo, but if you work well, you can achieve a very original brand image.

What characteristics should a good logo have?

  1. Simplicity. A logo is the abstract identification of a brand, so its meaning needs to be clearly conveyed. It is convenient to eliminate all the elements that can hinder or blur the communication of the message. In logo design, less is always more. In addition, the minimalist logos they are also easier to remember. 
  1. Representativeness. It is important that the logo design represents the brand. The symbol does not have to be closely linked to the activity of the company, but it must have its essence and personality. Examples of this are brands such as Apple or Starbucks.
  1. Scalability. When creating a logo, check that it can be reproduced in different scales and sizes and that it is legible in all of them.
  1. Pregnancy. This feature is essential. A logo must be remembered and this is what pregnancy is all about, drawing attention and being easily remembered even if you have only seen it once. 
  1. Originality. A logo must be different, unique and original within the sector to which it belongs. The original logos they are easy to position and remember, even more so if most companies in the sector have similar logos.
  1. Durability. Continuous logo changes are not good, they can confuse your audience. It is good to look at trends but without taking them as the only reference to carry out the design. 
  1. Relevance. It is important to know who that brand is targeting in order to create a design that is relevant to the audience and how the brand wants to be identified. 

What should be taken into account before designing a logo?

It is important to do some research prior to creating a logo sketch. There are certain factors to take into account in order to effectively develop the visual identity of a brand. Next, we tell you what factors you should take into account before designing a logo:

  1. The type of company, what sector it is dedicated to and its characteristics. 
  1. The target, target audience or customer archetype to which it is directed.
  1. The current logo and corporate identity (if it has one and requires a rebranding).
  1. style preferences; colors, fonts, values, main objective, etc.

It is important to be clear about these issues in order to create a good logo that reflects the identity of the brand and is faithful to what it wants to convey. The more information we have, the better.

How to make a professional logo

El professional logo design requires a process to achieve quality results. The stages a logo design generally goes through are as follows:

1- Research, analysis and brainstorming. In this stage, the sector, competition, strengths, colors and corporate fonts, etc. are analyzed. You begin to write down the ideas that arise without ruling out absolutely anything.

2- Sketch. Pencil and paper sketches begin to be made of what the idea of ​​the logo could be. 

3- Digitization. After several sketches, the one that best represents the brand is selected and taken to a design program for vector design.

4- Submission of proposal, review and details. A first proposal of the logo design is sent, if necessary a review is carried out and some final touches are made. 

Why is it important to have a logo?

A company logo is essential to its corporate identity. It is the first thing that customers will see of your brand and by which they will identify you. The company logos they are a very thoughtful decision, based on previous studies as we have seen in the previous points. 

It is not something that we should do in any way, since it is our cover letter and how the world will perceive us forever. 

freelance logo designer

A professional logo design will give your brand a good presence, making it stand out, transmit values ​​and identify your target audience. For that, it is necessary for a professional to take care of the design of your company logo. Looking for one? At Worksible, you can find different freelance logo designers that will help you carry out your project with a professional logo design.

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