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What is a freelancer?

Un freelancer o . is a professional who offers his services to several companies without establishing a fixed contract. He works independently without dedicating himself to a client exclusively. 

For example, if you are a graphic designer you can dedicate yourself solely to working for a company that requests your services or you can be freelance designer and offer your services to various clients independently. 

El freelance work is experiencing a global increase. Although it is an existing modality, the current situation and the increasing progress of new technologies have increased the demand for this professional profile.

If you want to start developing your talent and you like to work autonomously, the I work as a freelancer it is what you are looking for.

Why be a freelancer? Advantages and disadvantages

be a freelancer It presents a series of advantages compared to traditional work that, if you are thinking about this possibility, you should consider:

  • The possibility of mobility. You don't have to limit your workspace to an office. You can work from home, the beach or even retired in the mountains. Work as a freelancer allows you to carry out your activity from anywhere in the world.
  • Time flexibility. Create your own work schedule according to your preferences and your lifestyle. But beware! Organize yourself well to carry out all your tasks on the schedule you have set for yourself and not blow up your personal life. 
  • Cost savings. You don't need a specific workspace or transportation to get around. The initial investment of freelancer is minimal!
  • The autonomy. It is true that you will be your own boss, but that implies even more responsibility. Manage your work time in the best way, take care of your clients and be faithful to the delivery dates. 
  • The plurality of projects. If you are looking for new challenges and learn from different sectors, the modality of freelance work It is a good choice.
  • creative freedom. You can give free rein to your imagination and express your personality in each project. 
  • The client portfolio. If you're freelance worker you will be able to form your own client portfolio and increase it over time. It is important that you are professional and use your communication skills to maintain a good relationship with clients and make it last over time.
  • The price of your services. You know better than anyone the value of your work, your training and experience. You must take into account all these factors when pricing your services; It must be competitive and reasonable. 

If you are going to freelance for the first time, you should know that not every month will be the same and that, not having a fixed salary, there will be moments of uncertainty. However, you should consider that a permanent job does not guarantee that the company will not go bankrupt, you will be fired, or that the position you hold will really please you and motivate you. 

Another disadvantage that freelancing can present for some people is procrastination. There are workers who, due to their nature, are more productive in a corporate environment and prefer to work in a team. What do you prefer? Self-demand or the demand of a superior?

What types of freelance jobs are there?

More and more professionals are choosing to work on their own and offer services to several clients. The profiles of professionals related to the internet and digital marketing are the most demanded within the freelancing market due to the need for companies to have a noticeable online presence. If your profile is not within this area, don't worry! As we have mentioned before, the figure of the freelance is on the rise, the world is changing and many companies already choose to hire freelancers in all sectors. Some of the most common freelance profiles are:

Do you want to publish and offer your services as a freelancer?

We invite you to learn about Worksible, a platform for freelancers where you can register for free, publish your services from now on and connect with more than a hundred companies. We are at your disposal for any questions in the chat or on our social networks. You have talent? Time to show it to the world!

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