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Why hire a freelancer?

El freelance worker contract is on the rise, both for large companies with extensive experience and for small businesses and/or startups. The freelance contract it may arise from the need to cover a specific project or delegate tasks that are not directly related to the business activity. 

En Worksible, we facilitate the process of freelance hiring so that your company can have the right profile and, thus, be able to develop your project successfully. You just have to access our platform, register as a company and enter the freelance profile you are looking for in the search engine, or you can also publish a job offer so that freelancers can apply for the position. That easy!

Advantages of hiring a freelance worker

The advantages that hire freelancers they are so substantial for companies that this type of hiring is becoming more and more frequent. Next, we name some of them:

  • Your company, by hiring freelancers to delegate certain specific tasks that take up time, will be able to focus their work and efforts on the main activity of the business.
  • Freelancers work with several companies from different sectors, so they have a much more global vision and can bring new ideas to your business. 
  • If the freelancer you hire for the first time fulfilled what you were looking for, you can continue to count on their service, since they will better understand your company's business model and their performance will increase. 
  • Being an independent worker, lacking bosses or superiors, response times and deliveries are much faster.
  • El freelance profile It is characterized by better time management, greater dedication and a high degree of commitment to companies.
  • No middlemen needed. Communication with the freelancer is direct, which generates a solid and fluid relationship between the two, thus improving results, quality of work and trust.
  • If you need a specific profile for a specific project, freelancer profiles are very varied and flexible. 
  • The operating costs are lower, since the freelancer works from home, they do not need an office or work group, which does affect the price when hiring an agency or company. 
  • Freelance services are charged per hour or project. As a contractor you are not obliged to assume extra payments such as social security or vacations. They are independent workers that you freely hire for a specific task at a certain time.

What jobs can a freelancer do?

As we have mentioned before, a freelance is a very flexible type of job profile, since they can have knowledge of different disciplines and, in addition, by working with different companies, their experience gives them a much broader vision. 

However, we explain what kind of jobs it can be ideal for hire a freelancer:

  • Specific projects: it is more practical to hiring freelancers if that project has an expiration date. 
  • Short-term and highly specialized projects: It can be very expensive to train workers in new fields, especially if it is for a short project. It is more convenient to hire services at specific times and when you need them. 
  • Creative projects: if there is something that defines a freelancer, it is also creativity, since every day they have to put it into practice in their own business model. In addition, the sector with the most freelancers is the creative one: photographers, illustrators, designers, writers, audiovisual producers, copywriters..., etc.

Do you want to hire a freelancer?

At Worsible we help you find the perfect freelancer for your project, you just have to register as a company quickly, easily and for free. Then, you can start posting your job offers or search for the freelance profile you need. 

We are the platform that helps connect companies and freelancers to boost businesses like yours. Welcome to the future of work!


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