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How to start working as a freelancer

Freelance work is on the rise and many people are already considering starting their professional career as a freelancer. Turning their professional life around or having greater autonomy and flexibility to work are the main motivations. If you feel identified with any of these situations, we invite you to read this post!

What kind of freelancer are you and what services do you offer?

The first thing you should know before starting your professional career as a freelancer is to know what your skills are and what services you can offer. You may have other skills not necessarily related to your professional sector, but with which you can also offer freelance services. If something characterizes the freelancer, it is that he is always learning and working with his creativity. Do not limit yourself!

Create a professional portfolio

This document is essential for every freelancer. It doesn't matter if you add work done as a personal project, done for friends, family or previous clients. Any material you have to show your experience, you must add it to the freelance portfolio. Keep in mind that this is where you show your future client what you know how to do and the quality of your work; therefore, add the jobs you are most proud of.

Develop your personal brand

Your personal brand will go hand in hand with the two previous points, since they will help you define what type of professional you are, your differential value and how you want others to know you. As Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon) says: “Your brand is what they say about you when you are not present”. How do you want them to talk about you?

Once you have your personal brand clear, it is time to work on it through a website and social networks. Do not forget to include your portfolio in all these media. 

Start selling your services

This part is, perhaps, the most intimidating when it comes to start as a freelancer, But Worksible We help you connect with companies that need your services for their projects. In addition, you can attach your portfolio to the profile and receive recommendations and ratings for your services, thus you will acquire a better reputation and experience as a freelancer

If you start offering your services on our platform, we will give you two tips that will help you optimize its use:

  • It is important that, at the beginning, you accumulate the most hours of work done and maintain a high rating. These factors will help you position yourself better within the platform and you will appear first in customer searches. 
  • Use all the functions offered by the platform, including the news part. In it, you can introduce yourself, show your work and interact giving likes to other freelancers or companies.

The first steps of a first-time freelancer, even without work experience, are simple, but it is important to organize yourself and plan a strategy to be successful. If organization or planning is a problem for you, we recommend you take a look at our post on 10 tools for freelancers you should know

Do you want to start publishing your services as a freelancer? Worksible offers you all the necessary tools to boost your freelance career. Sign up for free now here!

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