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10 tools for freelancers you should know

A professional decides to be freelancer because, among other things, he seeks greater flexibility and autonomy to carry out his work. However, this also requires greater responsibility and taking charge of everything that a business entails; customer search, project development, time management, financial management, etc. 

Due to the increasing demand for this professional profile, there are many tools that exist and come onto the market to facilitate the freelance work. In this post we show you what we consider the 10 freelance tools more important. 

freelance calendar tools

The day to day of . It lacks, above all, monotony. Each working day is different and, therefore, it is necessary to have some control of deadlines for the delivery of projects. 

Thus, having a tool that controls this is necessary to provide a quality professional service and meet the delivery deadlines agreed with the client. 

Google Calendar

If we talk about tools to control calendars, Google Calendar It is the most used, since most users have a Google account. In addition, it presents various very useful functions such as; receive a summary of daily events to your email, add any event, consult the calendar even without internet connection, receive notifications before an appointment, create more than one calendar (for example, one personal and one professional), add links to share presentations before the appointment, etc. As you can see, a very complete program in integrating other Google tools such as Google Hangouts o Google Maps.


The quintessential tool for scheduling appointments and meetings is Calendly. One of the great advantages of this software is that you can easily integrate a calendar to your website with a simple code. In addition, you can schedule a limit of appointments per day, define the type of meeting (individual, collective, with external clients, etc.) or set reservation times between different meetings. It also has automatic functions such as detecting the time zone of your meeting guests to avoid confusion or prevent two meetings from being scheduled at the same time.

Freelance tools for design

Some freelance profiles, such as those dedicated to digital marketing, sometimes have to perform tasks more typical of graphic designers. Luckily, there are tools that make it easy for non-design experts to create visual content. 


It is the quintessential tool for those who, without having experience in graphic design, can create aesthetic and quality content quickly and easily. canva includes templates already made by professional designers, in which you can edit images, texts, colors, shapes, etc. You can sort your designs for social networks, documents, blog or advertising, for example, by folders. It is very intuitive and, in addition, it is free.


If you are a freelance designerfreelance photographer o freelance architect, you will need to work on your online portfolio. If, at the moment, you don't have time to create a web page, you can use Behance to start showing your work and build a professional portfolio.  

This platform will help you publicize your projects, create a community with people in your sector and inspire you.

Freelance tools for organization

Poor organization can wreak havoc on the quality of our deliveries. It is important to prioritize and organize our working day. The two most complete tools for this are:


This software for managing and organizing projects is one of the most used by both freelancers and work teams. Its interface is very visual, you can create tables with the different phases a project goes through and cards in which the tasks that need to be done are added.

Click Up

For us, the most complete project management and organization tool. Click Up it is fully customizable. You can add tasks, create documents, monitor, integrate other time management platforms, calendars, cloud storage and endless options. Without a doubt, an app that we should all at least try!

Freelance tools to improve productivity

The freelance is the owner of his own time, he can use it as he pleases. However, what seems to be an advantage at first glance can become a disadvantage if it affects us by losing concentration and leading to procrastination. 

To avoid this situation, there are a number of tools on the market that will help you stay focused on your work. 


One of the star tools for automating tasks is IFTTT “If this then that”, which means in Spanish “if this happens, then this is done”. In it, you can integrate other applications and platforms so that they connect between them and when you perform an action in one of them, another one will automatically be done in the application that you have connected, this is called "applets". Within IFTTT, there are already several "applets" created (the most used) to make it easier for you to use the tool at first.


As we work, we may come across articles, videos or pages that we find interesting. To avoid distractions and to be able to read these resources later, Pocket saves and stores them so that you can access that information from any device. 

freelance writing tools


This tool is not only intended for freelance writers but anyone can use it to check the grammar of their texts. Grammarly corrects grammatical errors such as punctuation marks, subject-verb relationships, and even the use of words in the wrong context. In addition, it provides an explanation for each correction.


When we write content almost daily, we don't always have the ideal inspiration to create it. We need to know what topics are current and what might interest our readers. For it, Feedly, allows us to organize all the news and blog updates from our laptop or mobile application. An ideal RSS reader to keep abreast of all the news or news from leading blogs in our sector. 

These are just some of the tools for freelancers that exist in the market, it is advisable to take some time to test all the available options and choose those that best suit your way of working. The use of these tools will help you to grow with your business. What are the best tools for you? Which ones do you recommend? We would like to know your opinion!

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